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  • Alto Grande Capsules - Grand Lares
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Alto Grande Capsules - Grand Lares

Price: US$21.25
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Alto Grande - Nespresso Compatible Capsules :
Intensity Level : 8
Caracolillo / Sweet & Bright Flavors :
100% Arabica Coffee from Puerto Rico :
Since 1839 the Hacienda Alto Grande, nestled deep in the mountains of Lares, Puerto Rico, has been the exclusive producer of a rare kind coffee acclaimed since the early Nineteenth Century as one of the world’s finest in the Royal Courts of Europe and the Vatican in Rome, Alto Grande GRAND LARES. :
Our group of expert cuppers combined the highest quality Arabica coffee beans in our Hacienda Alto Grande and accentuated them with the unique “caracolillo” beans (peaberries) to add to this coffee a bright, sparkling flavor and a sweet pointed aroma. :
Alto Grande Grand Lares Capsules, luxury at the touch of a button in the comfort of your home or office. :